NGO Networking and cooperation is one of the main interest areas of CBI. One of the functions of CBI is to help in NGOs coordination and networking. If an effective networking is to be fully realized, the first important thing is to have full and good knowledge of each other; who we are, what we are doing and how and where.

Since we believe the effective communication and networking among NGOs is important for the development of civil society, we provide both technical and material supports in this regard.

We distributed International NGO Directory 2008, Local NGO Directory 2009. Here we provide contact address sheets for LOCAL NGOS and INTERNATIONAL NGOS.

We also produce quarterly newsletter, covering CBI's recent activities, news and information of NGO community which we think useful for all concerned parties.

NGOs are meeting regularly at MNN/MNGO CPR Office.

We coordinate and facilitate communication among local organizations, and between local and international organizations.


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